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Beautiful writing for a writer’s soul – please drop by ‘midlifemaniacalme’ for more inspirational words/poetry and lovely images!

Midlife, Maniacal & Me


Writing is a gift

Your words convey true feelings

Inspire everyone


Your stories bring hope

Share them with everyone now

Invigorate dreams


Writing’s a journey

Embrace the path everyday

Always love your craft

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Cultivating the Opposite

The dream of living by the sea

near a wild forest and ancient mountain range,

rose unbidden, colouring the day to day

of my long ago high school world.

Time has passed unbound,

leaving its inevitable brushstrokes

and bruised shadows behind,

it’s here amid the trifecta of water, wood and earth

that I make my stand – 

Resisting the lure of the lemming mind

at every red light I come across,

shaking off the eagle-eyed glance of the developer

as they sharpen their hungry tooth.

With shredded grace barely covering me

I awake each day to stake my claim,

that dream of long ago, a tainted paradise.

A perfect spot for ‘cultivating the opposite’ at the edge of Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).




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Singular Joys

I hope you enjoy this May post from last year! I will post a new piece next week as I’m currently in the ‘eye of the storm’ gearing up for some temporary work over the next few days…wish me luck!


 The lights became stars, which became streaks in the grayspace and then networks of fading shimmers.” – Ashim Shanker

Recently this week, after another spring day turned into summer, with the windows left open long after sunset, I experienced something very primal, so close, I thought I might be able to reach out and touch it.

It was lightning in the sky above the mountains that first caught my eye, the bright flashes of forked power reminding me that there is more going on just outside the open balcony door than in the reading of a cool magazine or the evening news in the background with its often heartbreaking or fearful stories. As I became more engaged in watching nature’s fireworks display, I noticed a large flat-looking cloud just above that was moving slowly across the dark sky. To my surprise, I could see lightning activity periodically flashing in…

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Sea Change

It’s the one year anniversary of the devastating Fort McMurray fire in the province of Alberta (Canada), the city is still in the process of rebuilding (as I write this note) from its terrible losses due to climate change…


If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” – Emma Goldman

Drawn to a bench with a delicious honey ginger green tea overlooking the seawall and the postcard beauty of English Bay, I finally feel I can draw breath to write. I normally write at my desk in a corner of the apartment with its many views of West End life, the verdant lushness of Stanley Park and the still snow covered mountains but today the sea called to me. With the warm spring air all around me, it felt good to put pen to paper in my beloved New York city notebook and to let what words might come flow onto the lined paper.

It’s been an anxious week of hearing and seeing pictures on the news of the forest fire raging in Alberta, the province lying east of the majestic Rockies and our province, British…

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Centuries of the same tired words

reverberate through time, never fraying

the seasons and hours of the day parsed out by man

nature’s eternal rhythms ignored or manipulated

creating monsters in their place,

leaving us to cry out, with hearts as dry as any windswept desert

longing for the cleansing rain.

Rain, so soft, it caresses parched skin and cracked lips,

falling like a gentle tattoo on ancient skin drums,

their sound taking us far away from the bits and bytes

of this modern world,

calling to the nomadic spirit hidden deep inside

to finally shake us from our slumber

awakening the wild within.

Nature’s eternal rhythm of shadow and light captured on beautiful Haro St. here in the West End of Vancouver, B.C.


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Time and Place

 Maybe you had to leave in order to miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.” – Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

The white gold glow of the setting sun is shining through the living room window bathing the plant corner in warm light – the now tall blue/green cactus and soft green spider plants have not felt this angle of the sun in a long while; I imagine, looking at them that they are as happy as I am taking in this peaceful moment. As the sky erupts in a pink swathe, this time and place, a few stolen minutes, remind me to slow down from the busy day, taking the time to drink in the promise of spring.

With only 8 dry days out of the past 62, spring seems to have cloaked herself in gloom and endless tears refusing to let go of winter’s cold hand. The bare trees can no longer wait for this romance to end and have begun to unfurl their new leaves despite the rain, knowing that summer is impatiently waiting in the wings painting her lips in all manner of vibrant colours!

Our favourite forest trail was opened briefly for the recent holiday festivities and I managed to walk its cool depths twice, inhaling the sweet scent of cedar and wet earth with the sound of the ravens echoing above, this time and place a balm for a restless soul. To walk beneath the heavenly warmth of filtered sunlight was an added joy and the wait for this special trail to be opened again for the summer will seem long to one who drinks in the peace of this place as a thirsty man might do when coming upon water.

Spring has sprung at the Rose Garden in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.), we often walk this way to our favourite forest trail near the Railway Cafe!

Another spring view showcasing the beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom at the Rose Garden in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

Thoughts of time and place were on my mind on a recent skytrain trip outside the city to visit with my second cousin, a trip that was a shock to the system as almost two years have passed since my last solo visit – we normally meet 3 or 4 times per year to celebrate birthdays at a local restaurant out her way with my father and her husband – this trip sharpened my senses to the bucolic slice of life we enjoy here in the West End with the ocean and forest minutes away from towering downtown apartment buildings. The shock came on quick as the train headed east, my eyes taking in the pending destruction of a row of characterful wooden houses surrounded by fencing under the watchful eye of security. I’m not sure if there are squatters living in these abandoned once proud homes but the amount of garbage and hoarded debris scattered all around made me think there might be. A chill came over me as words recently read in the newspaper came to life – renovictions, low vacancy rates, the housing crisis and land values. And it got worse, everywhere I looked there was new construction going on, so many 3 story apartment buildings razed to the ground, thousands displaced from peaceful, quiet communities to make way for tower developments and lucrative rents. Even my cousin’s neighbourhood has been touched by this development tsunami and they are worried…

In my neighbourhood the construction zones are creeping ever closer, leaving empty lots and storefronts in their wake – as I sit at my desk in my aerie overlooking stunning natural beauty, I’m reminded that this particular time and place is about the wild places close to my heart, the lone African drummer on top of the hill overlooking the seawall, the scent of wet green grass, not about any sum of money to be had or made.

I often sit near this beautiful home nestled among the towers of the West End to journal write in the parklet there (Vancouver, B.C.).

A beautiful camellia shrub standing among its fallen petals (Vancouver, B.C.).


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Twilight Revels

I’m taking a small break this week to catch up on all the wonderful blogs out there in the WordPress world – I hope you’ll enjoy this re-blog, it has me thinking about summer here on the West Coast already!


 The Realm of Fairy is a strange shadowland lying just beyond the fields we know.” – Author Unknown

The wind is whistling and howling up against the glass of the balcony windows, a reminder from Winter, even though my eyes can see cherry blossom petals in a gorgeous heap on the grass at the end of the back alley. I can still see the tell-tale patches of snow on the mountains and just before the wind, there was a furious rain with small pellets of hail – it’s hard to believe that only last week the beaches were peppered with sun bathers and small children digging in the sand. This is the way of West Coast weather and soon the dream of living lighter (good-bye jackets!), thinking about play (hello long seawall walks and outdoor picnics!) will come to life.

My most favourite part of the longer, light filled…

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