Here & There

Here is living in the West End, a very friendly community by the sea and forest, where sometimes it takes half an hour to walk a block to one of the busiest streets in the downtown area. This is because of so many nice souls and characters checking in, saying “hello” or catching up. My neighbour Huguette & I always say that if one is feeling blue or lonely, just step outside – if no neighbours are about, there is always a curious crow, chattering robin or beautiful gardens to look at. The local coffee shops are filled with interesting people who have many things to share, I have spent time talking with writers, musicians, actors, as well as good friends. Many of these dear people have encouraged me to write down my thoughts and I am happy to oblige. Right now my eyes are taking in all the comings and goings of my neighbourhood – there are dog walkers, coffee cup holders, mothers/fathers with their children and most everyone has a smile on their face. I feel alive and inspired!

There is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a place that is like the West End, only sub-tropical. It is here that a different way of living evolved due in large part to Huguette. Her experiences and travels as well as living in Mexico inspired Terry & I to take a leap into a different culture. We came to know Mexico through Huguette’s decorating, postcards and many gifts. There was some trepidation as we had heard this phrase often, “People either love or hate Mexico”, it’s a place of extremes and will either embrace you or spit you out, ouch! Huguette thought a weekly gathering at a local Mexican restaurant (Poncho’s) would help us (mostly me) become used to the fiesta atmosphere and delicious food. Mission accomplished! We not only spent time exploring Mexico via the resort experience, we also spent a few years living in Puerto Vallarta, in the Olas Altas area. I feel very blessed to have experienced and continue experiencing these incredible communities, here & there are good places to be.

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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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2 Responses to Here & There

  1. Huguette your lucky neighbour . says:

    Oh la la Kim, Mexico bring me so many good memories. Just read this that I find to be true.
    Mexican style is grace itself. It’s perfection lies in the unexpected. Because it is so complex and unsettling-Mexican reality must be understood intuitively through the senses. The grace of imperfection is worth more than graceless perfection. Text written by our friend Gail . I love also our WestEnd village and all its good souls. I also love our big house with all its lovely tenants.
    You make me dream of Mexico. Gracias Amiga .


    • I had no idea you lived in Mexico. How wonderful. Having been to Huguette’s amazing apartment, I see a lot of the influence – beautiful colours and textures. As for the Westend, for me, the way to perk up (besides running into our neighbours!) is enjoying all the animals: dogs like Ruby, Bogart, Tundra and Hermoso, as well as two cats that I love: Charger and Buddy! This post reminds me to appreciate where I am. Thanks Kim!


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