Hola and Ice Tea

From reading my posts so far, friends & family can tell that Terry and I enjoy the thrill of travelling, it was travelling that first time to Mexico that sparked the dream of perhaps taking that leap to live there, a place that we are drawn to over and over. It was exploring the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta and seeing the odd vehicle with expired B.C. license plates that got us thinking, not tequila, as one might think! Living in PV was a joy for us, we lived in a small studio in the Olas Altas area not far from the beach and managed to book a second floor studio each year that we planned to head South. Our very first apartment of 2 rooms with just shutters on the windows (no glass, just iron safety bars!) was located in the heart of an entertainment zone – it was both very noisy and exotic. We lived above a spice shop, therefore we woke and fell asleep with the many scents wafting up to our open windows. The noisy aspect of our living arrangement came from the 3-4 bars, one on almost every corner surrounding our apartment building. Each one was different, we would hear pop music (Cher was on repeat!), rock and of course, Mexican music. We also shared a wall with the local Lion’s Club and experienced several weddings lasting until 4 in the morning! As we worked to live with this cacophony, at the very most we knew we were living in a vibrant community and at the least we were only losing some sleep. We began to sleep late and spend our mornings tanning on the beach, we also spent a lot of time visiting with the owner of a local coffee bar, staying until closing, drinking delicious hot chocolate and then finding ourselves walking home with only the street dogs for company. What this taught us was that we could enjoy our new home by being flexible and appreciating the quiet of our rooms during the day. The always friendly residents saying “hola” went a long way, too!

Here in Vancouver I can still receive an “hola” and it always takes me back. A favourite cold beverage that is also taking me back this summer is iced tea. We drank a lot of hibiscus juice in Mexico and quite a few of us are making pitchers of ice tea using hibiscus tea leaves. It started in the refrigerator at my friend Yvonne’s apartment. Each time I visited I would enjoy a nice cold glass of tea.  After sharing this with Terry, we thought we would experiment and make some ice tea, too. Now there are pitchers in my Mom’s fridge as well as in Huguette’s. It is like a circle of love tying us together. I also love the alchemy that goes on, we all experiment with different blends of tea leaves but my favourite flavour base is hibiscus! As promised, a picture of the book made by Huguette, that sparked this blog.

The Spark

The Spark

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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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3 Responses to Hola and Ice Tea

  1. Huguette your lucky neighbour . says:

    Love everyone of your notes. All those positive thoughts and beautiful cards mysteriously appearing at my door HAD to be preserved…if only to remind you and Terry of that beautiful life you have. You are also an expert in creating beauty from nothing at all. You see beauty everywhere. I am very lucky to share the same Casa . Muchas muchas gracias amiguita.


  2. I just love that book. What a gift!


  3. Le Fabulist says:

    Lovely thoughts from a lovely lady!


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