Moon Energy

Dusk in New York on a Friday night, on a warehousey street, is the witching hour. You can feel the daytime creatures slipping into their nighttime skins. – Matthew Fox

While at my Dru yoga class this week, our teacher Sandra introduced the class to some poses to celebrate moon energy. With Halloween coming up this October 31st and Mexico’s two day festival,  “All Saints’ Day” on November 1st and “All Souls’ Day” on November 2nd, our time “on the mat” fit right in with the mood of the season. Focusing on the moon’s arrival to our ever shortening days helps to chase away the sadness of the changing seasons, we can say “good-bye” to the lush days of Summer and embrace the new season.

Here in the West End as I walk between errands and visits, I see glimpses of the moon energy in the decorations on front lawns and in windows. There are the usual pumpkins, ghosts and cardboard cut-outs of bats but recently I’ve seen black lace draped upon a window, homemade tombstones on a lawn and a small murder of feathered toy crows tucked into a garden trellis. The best place to seek out moon energy is in the park – walking on the trails through the forest and checking out nature’s decorating skills is one of my favourite things to do. Terry and I have been able to bring a picnic lunch most Fridays this month to the Stanley Park Ghost Train area, there is usually a picnic table in the sun with our names on it – afterwards we take in the spooky atmosphere!

In our apartment I set up a “Day of the Dead” altar quite by accident -there is a verdigris trellis that I picked up in our underground parking area (where free items can be found), it leans against one wall with a small pine shelving unit (yet another found piece) in front that currently is home to Mexican pottery and masks, a large terracotta planter with a jungle-like spider plant, a beautiful wooden bowl that belonged to a distant relative filled with colourful Mexican coasters and my moon energy decorations.  Attached to the trellis are 3 paperclips with cut-outs of black crows in various poses, I positioned them as if they were having a meeting as crows often do. Nearby I put up a small silver skeleton that sparkles when the light hits it. When describing my decorating to Huguette it reminded us of the “Day of the Dead” altars that we’ve seen in Mexico.

When Terry and I would head down South to Mexico, we never caught the festival where the Mexican people honour and commune with their departed family members. We always arrived a few days afterwards but the altars would still remain for us to admire. Even the bakery where we bought our weekly pastries and delicious doughnuts would still be selling the sugar skulls in all their colourful glory! “Day of the Dead” altars were often found set up in building alcoves, in the corners of people’s courtyards and most always in the park-like area near the Rio Cuale. There always seemed to be a skeleton, colourful paper flowers, a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe or a picture of a loved one.

Recently the two worlds of Halloween and “Day of the Dead” collided here in the West End. I was on a short walk looking for more of that moon energy when a young man dressed as a mariachi with a skull face painted on in colours of white and black walked down the street towards me – it reminded me that there is always wonder outside our door and that this is a good time to honour and remember all those that have passed from our world.

Dia de Muertos

Dia de Muertos


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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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14 Responses to Moon Energy

  1. Jacquie. says:

    great reading of your words again, thanks for well described walks.


  2. Yvonne St Pierre says:

    How wonderful it is to read your words Kim! They are so soothing to my soul. I love your descriptions of your experiences. I know we’ve been friends for a long time and these colorful expressions you share (in your prnted words) brings me that much closer to you. Keep it coming!
    What can I say, the experience is “magical”….



    • Yvonne…another dear friend who is a great reader; sitting in her apartment with candles alight while a delicious meal is being prepared before attending a lecture/workshop or my favourite, wandering through “Banyen Books” in Kitsilano, is always something I look forward to-thank you for your friendship and support!


  3. ugetse says:

    I agree with you Jacquie and Yvonne. Kim has a very magical way to transport us . I love her moon energy discovery. She has a keen eye and beautiful writing to describe every day’s magic. I needed to read this today….Gracias Kimita. You are loved.❤️
    Huguette, your lucky neighbour.


  4. Shirley says:

    Love energy experiences. How fortunate we are to be here, in this moment in time to absorb the grace of energy. The moon is very powerful and I feel the connection to the universe in just the breath, the cohesion we feel in passing souls in the streets, the smiles and tears. Keep up this great interesting writing. Am so proud of you and enjoying in knowing the deep inner and outer of my first born. Love Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Suzanne Duval says:

    I just read your new story. What a joy this moon tale brought to my soul. You are definitely a born writer, a great story teller. I also feel great to have you as a neighbour. You are always true to yourself, a wondrous quality. I enjoyed our meeting at Huguette`s place, another wonderful neighbour. Keep on this blog, It is truly with great pleasure that I read your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Le Fabulist says:

    Since everyone is praising your fine writing skills, what can I add? Hmmm… perhaps add more photos.


    • Thank you for checking in! Terry & I enjoy choosing a picture each week, Terry takes such good ones (I believe!), I have also taken a few and have been known to locate & set up the shots-starting this blog is allowing us to share more than just our words!


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