Moving Through Space and Time

Never lose a holy curiosity…don’t stop to marvel.”  Albert Einstein

As each week unfolds, I keep my eyes and ears open to words and images that will eventually become my post. Recently, I found myself spending an evening at my friend Yvonne’s apartment for not only a delicious meal but also to watch a PBS program she had recorded on how to change up the journey of becoming older – this was moderated by an ageless Dr. Christiane Northrup and the program is called, “Glorious Women Never Age”. We settled in with notepaper and pens to capture her many perception bending facts and thoughts on this natural process that society tends to distort or outright ignore.

For myself, the words that came through for me, that growing older means we are moving through space and time, really resonated – wow, we are indeed beings who rise each day and do just that, we are not rooted to one spot (our youth) but are given the gift of always moving forward, to constantly change and evolve;  this growing older allows us to embark on many do-overs – we can re-invent ourselves if we choose or simply enjoy the wonderfully imperfect selves we are in any given moment. The word “movement” can also be an important key on this journey; our bodies are not meant for sitting for long periods of time, if we think back to our childhoods, I bet we were on the move a lot and this is something we can try to bring back into our lives, to help us keep our youthful spirit in a body that is moving through space and time.

I love that there are other ways for us to do this as well, I know this is why I enjoy travelling (whether I am on an airplane or on a ramble through my neighbourhood), immersing myself in other worlds through reading, meditating at my yoga class (the ultimate inner journey to our ageless selves) and listening to beautiful music (my Mom and I spent a wonderful afternoon in February enjoying the “Edwardian Secrets” pieces performed by the Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra) – these mediums transport us and blur the lines between our youth and the older selves we are becoming. This becoming allows us to be free agents in this world, we are no longer defined by a certain age and I think the possibilities are endless!

Journal Entry: Olas Altas, P.V. –  January 27, 2005 (There is always movement in Mexico…)

Today is our final day of writing at Cafe San Angel – we each had an omelette breakfast for a nice change from the traditional Mexican breakfast we normally have. It is another beautiful warm morning, I will miss these days very much.

We had a typical, crazy bus ride to Bucerias; I always enjoy the scenery of the state Nayarit and Bucerias (a small town there) was fun to explore. Lunch found us at “Adriano’s”, a very colourful restaurant on the beach, we were lucky to see a pair of dolphins out in the water and I found a shell to add to my collection. After our day trip, we had a delicious supper with ex-pat friends, Isobel and Frank. They are a very generous and fun couple; we had a very relaxing evening – with wine, song and candlelight.

Yesterday we went for an afternoon walk on the Malecon – we treated ourselves to our favourite ice cream bar and a sit down at the Zocolo. We enjoy people watching, especially the never ending flow of tourists. This morning found us packing and organizing for our flight home. There was also a lot of humpback whale activity on the bay yesterday, what a great send off for us!

Meditating near the Malecon by the Rio Cuale

Meditating near the Malecon by the Rio Cuale

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5 Responses to Moving Through Space and Time

  1. Shirley says:

    Music has always been conducive to carry one through time and space. Movement of sound, echoes and vibrations, carry us farther than we know. Waves of the ocean, the ebb and flow of water carries sound , ever moving, ever flowing, ever forgiving. May you age , not with grace, but with the flow of purpose, ever learning, ever loving in a robust fashion. Every breath is movement, every step is magical, every thought is a continuum.

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  2. Your words remind us of the “eternal” within that never ages, I’m glad for the reminder and thanking you once again for your thoughts!


  3. ugetse says:

    HI Kim, reblogged your post to Google – public. I think that many people should read your blog.
    Thanks again for another good read and inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Suzanne Duval says:

    Thanks Kim for these inspiring and positive words of wisdom. Aging is a part of living. You have a wonderful way to express your thoughts.

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