Sacred Geometry

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” – Albert Einstein 

As soon as I saw the picture I am posting today (taken by my partner on one of his long walks through Stanley Park), it immediately evoked a sense of the mysterious for me. We have walked by this now closed polar bear enclosure near the “Vancouver Aquarium” many times but on a day bridging Winter into Spring, the sacred geometry of this quiet space and perhaps the new patterns of light called out to him, to capture the mundane concrete enclosure and reveal something entirely different. I’m left imagining that these geometric shapes could be remnants from some apocalyptic world, a futuristic city’s downfall, now a cautious reminder.

The geometry that makes up my small world here in the West End is haunting – the mountains rise up in their rounded or triangular shapes in colours of slate blue or dark emerald, the forest that hugs their edges made up of multiple triangles and straight lines sporting touches of vivid lime green, the sign of new Spring growth. There is also the circular oasis’s of both Beaver Lake (and yes, there are beavers living there!) and Lost Lagoon, the dark green waters hiding mysteries of their own.

And finally, there is the hard geometry of city life, it takes shape in the form of                      the straight lines of our modern roads intersecting the vast squares and tall rectangles that have become our homes. Lately, while musing about the mathematical miracle of geometry,  I find myself marveling at all the wonderful shapes that surround me, creating order as well as staggering beauty. And all it took, for this new and different angle of experiencing my world, was one photograph – imagine the infinite possibilities that are waiting for us, in the books we pick up, the music that soars all around us, the art that we pursue and in the quiet of our heart shaped thoughts!

Journal Entry: November 28, 2004 – Olas Altas (…seeking out the unique geometry of Mexico)

It’s been a wonderful holiday already these past two weeks and we still have many more left. I feel very relaxed and happy – there have been struggles – trying to find a new place to stay and to leave my (our) Vancouver ways of living. Here we have to live with very little, be resourceful and flexible – each day becomes more free. I know that the word freedom is very important to me and Puerto Vallarta is a place where I can truly feel and live this word.

We are at Cafe San Angel this Sunday morning. Last night we went out to a small restaurant near the church in Centro called Gaby’s” for Terry’s birthday. What a delightful and very Mexican space. We sat out in a very tropical courtyard and had two delicious meals. Gaby’s” is located off of one of my favourite streets in Vallarta – this street (Hidalgo) is about 2 feet above the cobblestone street and there are very pretty buildings on either side. Some are lit with lanterns and it looks magical, the street is so quiet – it surprises you so near to the always busy malecon.

Today we plan to buy some postcards, do some of our daily shopping, read and go for some local walks.

This morning while having breakfast on the balcony, we heard burros calling, they must live nearby. We know of some living up the hill from us. It’s also great to still hear the sounds of a rooster and the haunting sound of ringing church bells.

Hidden Geometry in Stanley Park

Hidden Geometry in Stanley Park




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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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2 Responses to Sacred Geometry

  1. Shirley says:

    Have a special interest in Sacred Geometry. First ran across this when in Victoria, I was fortunate enough to rise early and go to the art centre where some Buddhist monks were working on sand mandalas. Mandalas are also known for their geometric shapes, the sacredness. They are the photos of the Universe.
    All is arithmetic, the cosmos, the shapes, the snowflakes, all is Sacred. Love this blog.
    Love Mom

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    • Well, Mom, after a whirlwind visit with our respective specialists on West Broadway this morning, I’m pleased to say that my latest post came alive after being in my head all week! I love your image – that mandalas are photographs of the Universe and thank you for loving my blog!


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