Twilight Revels

 The Realm of Fairy is a strange shadowland lying just beyond the fields we know.” – Author Unknown

The wind is whistling and howling up against the glass of the balcony windows, a reminder from Winter, even though my eyes can see cherry blossom petals in a gorgeous heap on the grass at the end of the back alley. I can still see the tell-tale patches of snow on the mountains and just before the wind, there was a furious rain with small pellets of hail – it’s hard to believe that only last week the beaches were peppered with sun bathers and small children digging in the sand. This is the way of West Coast weather and soon the dream of living lighter (good-bye jackets!), thinking about play (hello long seawall walks and outdoor picnics!) will come to life.

My most favourite part of the longer, light filled days will soon be arriving – it’s that delicious moment that comes just after a beautiful sunset, when the familiar changes shape as the shadow of dusk washes over them, the forest or the streets we know so well become other and we have to learn their new shapes. There are new sounds to take in as well, this is the time when musicians begin to gather near the seawall, sitting on benches or the many logs scattered on the beaches, the sounds of a guitar or an African drum in the air, letting us know that another twilight revel has begun.

During last Summer, Huguette and I, as well as many other West End neighbours (and my Mom!) began to head down to English Bay to seek out as much music as we could, it was magical to watch the sun set while listening to the various offerings – it was often music that transported us to distant lands and times, if we were lucky, we might hear a beautiful voice or two as well! This ritual began our wanders to Third Beach to check out the Drum Circle gathering that happens weekly (usually on a Tuesday night), everyone is welcome and usually gathers well before the sun sets. As the drums sound, the tribal beat has everyone on their feet or sitting on a log moving to the ancient rhythm, it is electrifying and makes one feel very alive! As the sun begins it’s descent there is a great shout from the crowd and much clapping, a roar then rises up as we all celebrate the new day to come. This is the ultimate twilight revel and to walk home on the now darkened seawall with only the moon to light our way home with the sound of drums still beating in the background makes me feel that anything in this world is possible. Last week I heard some drums being played on English Bay, an invitation from the Realm of Fairy, and yes, I will heed the call again.

Card Note to Huguette – 1996

Everywhere we walked, the food we ate, the sunsets and all the faces of Mazatlan, reminded of us of you – your spirit and love of Mexico was with us, it certainly deepened our love of Mexico.

Journal Entry: December 17, 2004 – Calle Honduras (Paloma del Mar, Room 314), P.V.

I’m sitting on our balcony with a glass of red wine watching the sunset. We are starting to create a daily routine and explore our new neighbourhood. The lantern above me is on; with our linen curtain closed over our open balcony door, the lantern adds a beautiful golden glow to our room. Isobel and Frank, our old Janitzio neighbours, gave us a bottle of Chilean wine to welcome us to Paloma del Mar. They also loaned us many items to set up house with, including some candles for outside. Francisco, the handyman from the Janitzio, also gave us permission to bring a really good cooking pot with us to use while we are here – we plan to return it after our stay here. The view from the balcony is incredible, we can see the whole bay – it reminds me of California and Vancouver Island. Terry and I focus more on the jungle than the ocean, so this view is very refreshing.

The sun has set now and my favourite time of the day, twilight or dusk has now arrived. My candles are lit and my wine almost gone…

A magical sunset over Banderas Bay on the Malecon (P.V.)

A magical sunset over Banderas Bay on the Malecon (P.V.)

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12 Responses to Twilight Revels

  1. Shirley says:

    Love Mazatlán, remember the maybe winds, due to arrive. The excitement, the store owners, reaching for their yellow tape, to tape up windows against this hurricane force. The darkness. Only 4 of us, tourists, found a brave taxi driver, and he took us in face of doom up and down streets, into houses, of the residents, a private tour. Loved fast and furious wind since that encounter. Meeting beautiful people, showing us their homes, we taking their minds off of an impending storm.
    As sometimes happens, the storm passed us by, and we were left with the images of warmth and love from the Mexican people to remember, and a slight buffeting of air.
    Our journey is somewhat like that, the music which I feel is a prescription the world should be indulging in. The primal beat, adjusting my chakras, bringing rhythm back from centuries to a cellular level.
    The beautiful music and song in front of the Sylvia Hotel, sweeping me away outward on an ocean the sun sets. Sparkling ocean, twilight approaching, The dance of the shadows.

    Love Mom

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    • Your words reminded me as well of hurricane force winds that rushed over the Sea of Cortez and bent the many tall palms on our hotel’s property when we were in Mazatlan. It is always awe-inspiring when we find ourselves in the midst of nature. Thank you for this as I do not have any journal notes from this trip! Your words have taken me back there, Mom!

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  2. ugetse says:

    Love the photo of Banderas Bay. Reminds me of so many delicious memories…early seventies . PV had still a wild and serene beauty. There is still lots of beauty to be found in PV and here in Vancouver. Looking forward to those electrifying nights on English Bay and Second Beach. Dancing to the sounds of drums. Watching the sun set on musicians faces. Waiting for the moon to walk us home. How better can it get. Thank you Kim for those memories 😍❤️

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    • I often say that Puerto Vallarta is the tropical version of the West End and with both places on the edge of two beautiful bays, you are right, we are lucky to have and experienced both! I love your comment and am waiting for those warmer evenings to come…

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  3. crystaleyes20 says:

    What a beautiful sunset…I would have this blown up and hung in my home to bring me back to the moment.


  4. Reblogged this on anotetohuguette and commented:

    I’m taking a small break this week to catch up on all the wonderful blogs out there in the WordPress world – I hope you’ll enjoy this re-blog, it has me thinking about summer here on the West Coast already!


  5. Brenda says:

    What a wonderful post. You have such a beautiful way with words. 🙂

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  6. M. Miles says:

    I love hearing steel drums by the beach!

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