Trust the Mystery

I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.” – Luis Barragan

It’s a second cup of tea morning – the rain has been falling since last night, the bed is still unmade and the book I’m currently reading has migrated from it’s shelf by my bedside to the living room couch, it’s pages enticingly open. As I look out my windows I’m reminded of the mystery that is often woven by weather, the hope of a Summer blue sky smothered by pale grey clouds bunched up so tight against the mountains that it sometimes  will take almost a full day before my eyes can wander over their jagged silhouettes again. I like this kind of mystery, it tends to slow time down and blur those once important lines jotted down on scraps of paper, those never-ending to-do lists that hover with sharpened claws ready to carve out and shape our days.

I’m reminded of a day much like today that Terry and I enjoyed while on one of our long stay visits to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – after a long stretch of very hot and sunny days strung together like fiery opals, we woke one morning to a dark sky knowing that a tropical rain was on it’s way. We greeted the day with a quiet joy, leaving our balcony door wide open so we could experience the freshness of the air and hear the swift fall of rain. There would be no walking or shopping that remarkable day except to leave our studio to run through that torrent of heavenly water to the small store on Olas Altas to buy some sweet pastries to have with our endless cups of tea and coffee. We spent that day in total bliss, our bodies finally still after so many days of living that Mexico life to the fullest, there was reading, journal writing and the attending to of small chores. This unexpected gift taught us to trust the mystery that surrounds us each day, to savour the time that stillness offers and once again listen to our own voice within.

Terry’s Journal Entry: February 03, 2000 – this was written after we decided not to book a flight home on Alaskan Airlines, we were at the American Express travel agency in P.V. and something did not feel right, we chose to trust the mystery…

Well our flight has been booked and we leave Sunday morning at 2:15. Because of the tragedy of the Alaskan Airlines crash out of P.V. we felt more secure going with a Canadian charter. We are not ready to leave P.V. Joe ( from B.C.) left yesterday and just like myself he was ready to go home until he purchased his plane ticket. P.V. has a way of pulling on your heart strings.

Journal Entry: January 02, 2005 – Paloma del Mar Hotel

On Boxing Day we heard about the tragic earthquake and tsunamis in Southeast Asia, over 150,000 people killed in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand. Many millions more are homeless – our foster children live in Indonesia and I’m hoping that they are safe. The images on T.V. are heart-breaking, many tourists have been killed or are missing – Terry & I had planned on a 6 week trip to Thailand and would have probably been staying in the beach areas that were destroyed. Both of us had strong feelings about not going, the trip felt like it would ask us for more strength than we could bring. I’m very thankful that we listened to those strong feelings although I’m saddened that others perished. I’m sure there are many stories like ours, choices made to keep one safe – a neighbour named Gary who lives in the same building as us back home had also hoped to go to Thailand, he is probably thankful for his trip having been delayed.

There were scenes on T.V. showing India and Thailand celebrating New Year’s Eve with candles, moments of silence and prayer rather than the planned celebrations with fireworks. Other countries down-sized their celebrations or cancelled them in honour of the victims of this tragedy. For New Year’s Eve here in Puerto Vallarta, we went out for a simple meal of fajitas at a small local taco joint called “Rico MacTacos”. We had been there before on a previous trip and knew the food was good. Instead of celebrating on the malecon, I wanted to sit quietly on the balcony with our candles lit and to burn some incense. I wanted the evening to be sacred not frivolous. At midnight we were treated to church bells ringing and fireworks popping up all around the bay, one after another, it was hard to keep an eye on them all! It was a very special evening…

Beautiful worn steps inviting us to trust the mystery, taken near our studio in P.V. (Mexico).

Beautiful worn steps inviting us to trust the mystery, taken near our studio in P.V. (Mexico).

An inviting courtyard taken near Centro in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

An inviting courtyard taken near Centro in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A mysterious stone archway captured among the Tulum ruins in Mexico.

A mysterious stone archway captured among the Tulum ruins in Mexico.

Who could resist the mystery found here in a lush green New York city park?

Who could resist the mystery found here in a lush green New York city park?

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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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6 Responses to Trust the Mystery

  1. ralietravels says:

    I particularly love the photo of the steps.

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  2. ugetse says:

    Kim, your writing is so visual and epicurean. Can taste every word. I really love reading you and seeing your beautiful photos. Until next Thursday. Love you my beautiful neighbour.

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  3. Shirley Ross says:

    I love mystery. One can wake up and almost smell the excitement. In ancient lands, where the rock and cenotes, dance to the heat of the sun. You can hear the laughter of the water, the echo of past times from the pyramids and temples. I revere the joy in serendipity, and , the inner voice that speaks to us, leading us on our true path. The magic in stop, the quiet in stillness, the voices of the past. Celebrate in the wisdom of spirit, listen to the inner calling, and smile.
    Love Mom

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    • I’m smiling reading your words, Mom! I’m glad we are open to the mystery, it leads us to beautiful music on the beach, to second-hand books that call to us and to the many people that we bump into as we make our way each day, mysteries to either savour or unwrap!

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