Neglected Treasure

 Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring.” – Neltje Blanchan

Mornings here are no longer greeted by the chorus of the blackbird choir, the feathered flock have moved back to the cattail clotted edges of the lagoon to pair up for nesting season. Their voices have been replaced by the haunting sounds of two ravens who have chosen to nest at the edge of the city in the tall trees of the forest. The eagles (there are at least 5 nesting pairs in the park) have returned, startling the gulls sitting on the neighbouring rooftops each time they majestically take to the sky. Spring is making itself known whether lingering winter wants it to or not!

We have new neighbours! A pair of ravens are nesting at the edge of Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

One of five (or more!) breeding pairs of eagles perched on a tall tree in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

I’ve been making sure to take time to walk the neighbourhood, taking note of all the new growth and I’m amazed at how fast once bare bushes are swelling with new green leaves. Mustard yellow and brick red witch hazel trees are adding a layer of colour catching the eye with the star-like beauty of their flowers. The rhododendron bushes are starting to show off their gorgeous colours eclipsing the delicate pink of their neighbours with deep fuchsia and fire engine red blossoms. Sprinkled throughout are the blossoming cherry and plum trees – their dark branches swathed in pale pink and creamy white.

With winter receding, these walks in nature encourage me to gather up my neglected treasure, to greedily take it all in with every sense blissfully aware. A recent seawall walk revealed treasures such as the warmth of the golden sun on my face, the sight of a lone young man in lotus position sitting on an outcropping of rock lost in the sound of the waves and the first picnics set up between towering trees despite the cool temperatures. This hunt for neglected treasure came from a conversation with a friend, we were talking about how parts of our lives are put aside or away – the longing to light candles more often, the joy of sinking into an afternoon bath or reading for hours with a cup of tea nearby, often our busy lives snuff out these desires and they lie forgotten until we are reminded once again by the fragrance of a new season wafting in our newly opened windows.

Spring colours blossoming in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

Another colourful spring display in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

Journal Entry: December 31st, 1999 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One dark night, after slipping on my sandals to use the facilities, I think I stepped on a big cockroach! I found it dead near the bed the next morning…aaah, living in Mexico is very different from living in Vancouver, I’ve learned a lot!

We have a very nice spider in our bedroom, he doesn’t bother us and likes it when we leave our shutters open all day. On a neighbour’s roof we noticed an iguana, so even if we are not living near the jungle, we can still see our favourite wild things! These are the treasures that I have collected along the way…



About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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22 Responses to Neglected Treasure

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Lovely pictures! Spring has definitely sprung. 🙂

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  2. sandraleigh108 says:

    Another delightful read, Kim!

    Did you get my email about tomorrow’s class? Sorry, I have to postpone until next Friday. Hopefully the community centre has called you.

    Enjoy the SUN! :)))) Sandra >

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  3. markmkane says:

    Now this is what I’ve been waiting for Kimberlee. Your elegant words to describe the coming of Spring. Can’t wait for you to describe when Spring is in full bloom where you live.

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  4. Ugetse says:

    Hola Kimie, lucky you to be able to see the ravens from your apt . you are on the right side of our building. . I also love your flower photos. When did you take them?i did not think that spring was here yet. Nature on the sea wall is so different. Happy to hear that you are eye collecting the treasures of life. Fortunately I have that luxury. My needs are so little. Nature is my life and inspiration . Again I love the sound of your words. Thank you for another lovely note Huguette❤️

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    • It’s a pleasure to share my words and the wonders of nature just outside our front lobby…each season offers up its own unique treasure for us to take in…I’m so glad you feel the same, Huguette, and thank you (always!) for leaving such heartfelt comments!

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  5. Aakansha says:

    Those ravens look sinister yet very cool at the same time. I can’t decide! haha.

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  6. Shirley Ross says:

    Lovely column. Mothers do know best. Walking down your street today, and the Tulip Trees are starting to open up, their beautiful soft pink flowers, greeting the sun. Squirrels are on vacation, but the crows are busy, with their caws, checking you out. Spring I hope has finally sprung.
    Love Mom

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  7. You have the most gorgeous and engaging way of writing/communicating….ever evocative, it never gsts stale or common-place…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. Spring is finding its way and the warmth of the sunlight is palpable in your words! Wishing you all warmth and happiness, Kim!

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  9. Miriam says:

    Oh, you really are living amongst the wild things. How wonderful. I love this post.

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  10. I do not know how I missed this post. It is so beautiful. You are so blessed to have so many Eagles and Ravens too… There are a few Eagles about 20 miles away from here but they have been nurtured in a national park. 😊

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