Time and Place

 Maybe you had to leave in order to miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.” – Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

The white gold glow of the setting sun is shining through the living room window bathing the plant corner in warm light – the now tall blue/green cactus and soft green spider plants have not felt this angle of the sun in a long while; I imagine, looking at them that they are as happy as I am taking in this peaceful moment. As the sky erupts in a pink swathe, this time and place, a few stolen minutes, remind me to slow down from the busy day, taking the time to drink in the promise of spring.

With only 8 dry days out of the past 62, spring seems to have cloaked herself in gloom and endless tears refusing to let go of winter’s cold hand. The bare trees can no longer wait for this romance to end and have begun to unfurl their new leaves despite the rain, knowing that summer is impatiently waiting in the wings painting her lips in all manner of vibrant colours!

Our favourite forest trail was opened briefly for the recent holiday festivities and I managed to walk its cool depths twice, inhaling the sweet scent of cedar and wet earth with the sound of the ravens echoing above, this time and place a balm for a restless soul. To walk beneath the heavenly warmth of filtered sunlight was an added joy and the wait for this special trail to be opened again for the summer will seem long to one who drinks in the peace of this place as a thirsty man might do when coming upon water.

Spring has sprung at the Rose Garden in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.), we often walk this way to our favourite forest trail near the Railway Cafe!

Another spring view showcasing the beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom at the Rose Garden in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

Thoughts of time and place were on my mind on a recent skytrain trip outside the city to visit with my second cousin, a trip that was a shock to the system as almost two years have passed since my last solo visit – we normally meet 3 or 4 times per year to celebrate birthdays at a local restaurant out her way with my father and her husband – this trip sharpened my senses to the bucolic slice of life we enjoy here in the West End with the ocean and forest minutes away from towering downtown apartment buildings. The shock came on quick as the train headed east, my eyes taking in the pending destruction of a row of characterful wooden houses surrounded by fencing under the watchful eye of security. I’m not sure if there are squatters living in these abandoned once proud homes but the amount of garbage and hoarded debris scattered all around made me think there might be. A chill came over me as words recently read in the newspaper came to life – renovictions, low vacancy rates, the housing crisis and land values. And it got worse, everywhere I looked there was new construction going on, so many 3 story apartment buildings razed to the ground, thousands displaced from peaceful, quiet communities to make way for tower developments and lucrative rents. Even my cousin’s neighbourhood has been touched by this development tsunami and they are worried…

In my neighbourhood the construction zones are creeping ever closer, leaving empty lots and storefronts in their wake – as I sit at my desk in my aerie overlooking stunning natural beauty, I’m reminded that this particular time and place is about the wild places close to my heart, the lone African drummer on top of the hill overlooking the seawall, the scent of wet green grass, not about any sum of money to be had or made.

I often sit near this beautiful home nestled among the towers of the West End to journal write in the parklet there (Vancouver, B.C.).

A beautiful camellia shrub standing among its fallen petals (Vancouver, B.C.).


About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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22 Responses to Time and Place

  1. markmkane says:

    Wonderful imagery, I close my eyes and it’s as if I’m there experiencing first hand. Sad to hear about the recent developments: hate to say it but it’s happening over here as well. Sometimes private corporations feel that modernizing a rural area will make it more appealing when actually it just benefiting their pockets with $$$. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Your narrative is so gloriously poetic, and as stirring and soothing as guided imagery/meditation…and then came the bitter pill to swallow…news of the encroaching mercenaries…such a shame….how very sad…thank you for continuing to brighten the “community” with the type of beauty only you can convey 🙂

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  3. ugetse says:

    Wow Kim, your words never cease to amaze me. You are a real writer and a poet. Love the way you describe the awakening of spring.” waiting in the wings painting her lips etc” .love it. On the other hand, how scary what is happening now . How long can we still stay in Vancouver? What is the future? So many gready landlords. Our paradise is tarnished for sure. Thanks again for this lovely note. I always enjoy reading you. Big hug. Huguette❤️😘 Thanks Terry for the photos he shared with you.

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    • Such beautiful words, thank you so much, dear neighbour! You are my muse – I often write knowing that you will enjoy my wordplay here and there…and yes, Terry’s pictures add a lovely visual layer to my words, I often encourage him to create a blog of his own but he prefers to add his photos to mine (I’m eternally grateful for this, that’s for sure, he has a very artistic eye!)! Love you lots XX…


  4. Samuel says:

    This first sentence resonates in me like no other, Kimberlee. I didn’t realize how much I loved Finland until I left it for Denmark, almost two years ago… oh how I missed it there!
    Luckily I’ve now managed to settle in my wonderland, and as for the weather, while it’s still not very warm, the long days (sunrise at 6, sunset at 9, yep…) already give a real summer feeling 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the read, Samuel and I love to see your words here, it makes my day! I’ll pop over and catch up on your beautiful blog soon!

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      • Samuel says:

        You can visit anytime you want, there’s no hurry 🙂
        I cannot read all your posts, let alone leave a comment on each of them, as it seems I have way too little time to do all the things I would like to do in my life at the moment, but whenever I drop by, I enjoy my visit 🙂

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      • Thank you, Samuel, I feel the same – it’s hard to catch up on so many things at the moment but I’m hopeful…I’m glad you enjoy your visits here…I’ll see you on the other side soon!


  5. michnavs says:

    You’re ability to use the written language is so distinct and profound that I can literally feel myself gazing through exactly the places you are describing. .and one thing I really like about your work is you never lose that tinge of poetry in every post..the opening quote is always beautiful and appreciate as well..

    but I have some delima lately. .you are not appearing on my wp reader. .I have yet to figure out what happened…

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  7. This post was so calming. I shared it in my Post of Note yesterday. 🙂

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  8. Such a beautiful and poignant post Kim. The joy of spring against the awful destruction by developers. I love the cherry blossom in your beautiful park. I am going to Amsterdam soon and hope to see some amazing bulbs plus some cherry blossom.

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    • Thank you once again for your very kind words! I hope you have a wonderful trip and get to see the beautiful tulips as well as some cherry blossoms…it’s been a long while since I visited Holland as a child, I remember the ladies washing their stone steps with sudsy water each morning…have fun, I’ll be thinking of you!

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  9. ‘Development tsunami’ is the right term. Living in a concrete jungle, I know it best.
    However, I would still prefer to read and re-read the first part of your post where you describe the arrival of spring. Hope you have warm sunny days ahead! As always, a thoughtful piece with beautiful descriptions!

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