She walked with a train of midnight-hued

crows in her wake,

her ear to the wind and the silently growing things,

alert to any aberration in her world

There is a sickness creeping over the land,                                    

a blight threatening the delicate balance,

leaving yin and yang rocked to their cores

without breath to recover.

Long, silver touched hair flowed

darkly behind her,

catching on the brittle limbs of once green trees – 

her own breath labouring as she brushed

at an errant tear,

determined to keep on going, no matter what,

despite the turbulence.

The gentle turbulence of light and shadow captured in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).


About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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36 Responses to Turbulence

  1. markmkane says:

    This was awesome Kimberlee! Loved how you used your words to show movement against the oncoming wind and how it’s like a metaphor for life and the obstacles in our way that we need to overcome in order to move forward. It might not be what you meant, but that’s what I got from reading it. The best thing about your writing is that you can really interpret it numerous ways. Love how soak in your personal experiences and transpose it onto paper!

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  2. Shirley Ross says:

    Doing my best to honour your poetry, by putting one foot in front of the other, pain screaming though my knee and thighs, blessed I am alive to feel this, in this moment, despite the turmoil.
    Love Mom

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    • Thankfully, there will be light at the end of the tunnel – it’s so nice to see your home without the extra medical equipment, to hear that you are walking with assistance (& doing some grocery shopping!) and that these last few turbulent weeks will soon be just a memory, Mom! Keep up the good work!!


  3. Ugetse says:

    Another great post and photo .i must congratulate you also for your poem posted in our local newspaper. Was so happy to see your name. What a fantastic poem, so appropriate to what the world is living now..have a nice weekend Kim.

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    • Thank you, dear neighbour! Your lovely support (from day one!) fans the creative spark each week and as you know I was beyond excited to hear that one of my poems was to be published outside of the WordPress world! It’s all good…


    • michnavs says:

      Oohh be well Shirley..and yes poetry can be very therapeutic especially if written by the ones we love.

      And Kim, as always you bring life to nature..your words made it all so moving..i can feel the gentle breeze which suddenly becomes heavy…i can see the lights passing through each leaves ..and how it can provide lessons that we needed to survive daily grinds of life..

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    • michnavs says:

      I am actuallt thrilled to know that you had some of your poems published in your local paper…that’s awesone

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  4. Beauty, eloquence, glorious imagery…must be Kimberlee..your giftedness continues to awe and inspire, my friend…thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Your beautiful words make my heart sing, Truly,,,thank you (aways!)! You once wrote that I was to let you know if something happened outside of our WordPress world and I’m pleased to write that our local free newspaper, the Westender, published my poem, Maelstrom! I’ve received good feedback from neighbours old and new…there is no fee paid but to be able to share my words with a different audience is priceless!

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      • Oh, my gosh!!!! I am sooooooo excited for you (and for your readers!) I have no doubt that all your writing dreams are coming true…and, ones you can’t even imagine. Your gift is huge and unique and just sooooo special…I’m really proud of you and couldn’t be happier for you 🙂

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      • It was on my to-do list as soon as the Poetry Column was created, I feel so honoured to be included with such amazing writers and poets here in my own community – thank you (again!) for your lovely words and enthusiasm, your support definitely spurs me on!

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      • Without any exaggeration, I mean every single word, every single time…I appreciate you and your writing so much 🙂

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  5. Ali Grimshaw says:

    Congratulations on your poem being published in a newspaper. I am sure it feels wonderful to share your words with your community.

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  6. You are a beautiful poet, oh my gosh!! This was so moving and incredible, I adore your work. So glad I stumbled across your blog x
    Abby – http://www.seafoaming.com

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  7. sandraleigh108 says:

    Dear Kim,

    Your writing is beautiful! The word turbulence, as well.

    It was wonderful to share Kirtan in the Dance Studio! I was so glad to sing with my friends at the wecc, probably not again for another long time, since Karate usually takes place on Fridays in the Dance Studio.We have the afternoon at Coal Harbour Oct 7, for Thanksgiving, though.

    Thank you for your writing and I hope it helps to settle you.

    There is outdoor Kirtan with Melinda on Sunset Beach tonight. I am hoping to attend. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the details.

    🙂 Sandra >

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  8. michnavs says:

    I am actuallt thrilled to know that you had some of your poems published in your local paper…that’s awesone

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  9. I love your poetry. This is beautiful and haunting. I can feel the turbulence.


  10. “…yin and yang rocked to their cores…”
    Love this line so much – I kept coming back to it as I read and re-read this poem. Quite beautiful and moving. Thank you for posting it!

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  11. “The turbulence of light and shadow.” I like that, it really gets you thinking… 🙂

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  12. Beautiful, Kimberlee. And love that you included Stanley Park. I was there about a month ago, and the energy is lovely. ❤ Debbie

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  13. Keep that spirit going, Kim. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

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