Storm Season

Find a part of yourself hidden in the twilight.” – Fennel Hudson, Traditional Angling -Fennel’s Journal – No. 6

With the change back to standard time barely upon us, I woke recently to a darkness in our room that felt like 6 am in the gloom and not the 8:05 am it really was – the weather outside having banished any hint of sunrise, instead, heralding the first storm of the season. As the temperature dropped, the rain fell in a furious curtain, fogging up our windows and depositing the first snowfall up on the mountains. Without a doubt, storm season had officially arrived…

There are more bare trees than clothed ones now, having left a lovely swathe of colour to crunch beneath my feet during a recent lucky streak of dry days, the leaves left behind looking like pale stars caught in the tangle of those naked limbs, the air as I walk beneath them tasting of cold and woodsmoke. The moodiness of September and October have given way to a more festive air, those snowflake saturated mountains making one long for cozy nights and hot chocolate by the cupful. Store windows and shelves that once held rustic orange pumpkins have given way to the scent of pine, shimmering glimpses of scarlet ribbon and the soft glow of amber lights. A reminder that the year is closing fast.

There is much to be thankful for at this time of year despite the storms that come our way – warm mugs of spiced tea, Harry Potter books to get lost in on chilly nights and always, the joy of coming across the unexpected. One late afternoon that turned to dusk in a heartbeat, I found myself walking by a peaceful parklet and there they were, three young men practicing the art of balancing, walking barefoot upon large colourful rubber bands strung between a group of windswept trees. Normally, young men and women can be found down by English Bay performing this delicate dance, not between two older buildings beneath the twilight sky, it was if they threw off the glamour of summer to revel in the velvet air of autumn creating magic with each and every try.

Today finds me hiding from yet another storm, Veranda Cafe and its molten chocolate cradled in a white porcelain cup drawing me inside to scribble a note or two. The large picture window I’m sitting beside looks upon a grove of large ancient-looking trees, nestled among their twisting, almost bare branches are wicker wrapped spheres encasing colourful twinkle lights, they will light up as the holiday season deepens – right now, my ink filled pages are lit up by the many spotlights up above in this industrial space. Festive colour has made an early appearance in the many boxes of Panettone (Italian holiday cake) stacked on the windowsill and shelves making me glad I stepped in from the heavy wind and rain. I’m left with thoughts on the various storms that flow through our lives, they often have questions to ask of us and never seem to stick around to see if we have the courage to answer them, I think they’re missing the best part, don’t you?

The Vancouver skyline across from Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.) dressed in scarlet, reminding me of New York’s iconic buildings.

A gorgeous view of the harbour by Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.), this is another favourite walk no matter the weather!

This glorious tree was constantly being photographed this autumn, its gold & scarlet leaves just shimmered in the light down by English Bay (Vancouver, B.C.).



About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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25 Responses to Storm Season

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Talk about stunning autumn color! That view from the harbor is nothing short of spectacular. 🙂

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  2. Shirley says:

    The stormy weather is like life. Every once in a while respite. Sometimes the why’s have no answer, and so I like you, seek refuge in hot chocolate, watch the storm, and view the beautiful mountains covered in snow. Love this kaleidoscope of visual and verbal colour.
    Love Mom

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    • Thank you, Mom! I always enjoy reading your poetic responses…right now, the rain is falling again, it was lovely to have some respite yesterday, the sun came out to play and banished all the clouds away!


    • michnavs says:

      Ohhh Shirley you just resonated what’s in my heart right now…i have been out for a while…my crazy little world has gone crazier that’s why..and i think you are right..”sometimes the why’s have no answer”..perfect ..i just need that .

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  3. Kimberlee! You guys in BC have been getting those storms that we have in Seattle, too! I love your cozy outlook. 🙂

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  4. ugetse says:

    I love these storms. The sound of the rain singing pass my windows falling on a symphony of colorful umbrellas below . It erases away all the smoke of our long summer of forest fires. Yes, perfect time for Michael’s best espresso macchiato and a almond croissant at Véranda Café. Nature is wild. I feel alive. Forever loving your posts and Terry’s beautiful photos. Thanks again Kimita❤️😘

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    • Hola, dear neighbour! Thank you for stopping by & leaving your lovely words…I love your visual of the colourful umbrellas below our windows and on our rain swept streets, they impart a sense of mystery…we will have to pop by Michael’s soon one day!


  5. Oh, how you make everything so spiritual and precious….you never fail to make life sound magical and like the wonder intense stress can blind me to…I love seeing these glimpses of the world through your eyes 🙂

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  6. I love how you find things to be thankful for in the storm season. I love the dry sunny days of summer, but there’s something wonderful about a time of hibernation as well. ❤

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    • I feel less naked in hibernation although I bravely head out in the glorious sunshine of summer for its healing warmth, today as the rain steadily falls I’m missing that golden light but am lucky enough to find that warmth again in your words!

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  7. Loved your closing lines, Kim, “I’m left with thoughts on the various storms that flow through our lives, they often have questions to ask of us and never seem to stick around to see if we have the courage to answer them, I think they’re missing the best part, don’t you?”
    A tiny nugget of wisdom from life’s pages.
    As another year draws to a close, here is wishing for more warm cups of hot chocolate to soothe your winter days, lots of love and more power to you!

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  8. I love your description of the leaves looking like pale stars… We have a little snow on the mountains here and there was black ice on the roads yesterday and the gritters were caught out! The view of those magnificent trees round tge harbour gladdens the heart. 🌼

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  9. markmkane says:

    Kimberlee, I loved how you compared the darkness of the room to the outside weather. Your words are truly stunning and I know I sound like a broken record but you manage to make your experiences with nature something truly magical. I always look forward to your posts and living vicariously through your words and eyes.

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    • I’m forever humbled by the lovely words that continue to grace my pages, it’s a joy to share my world and its wild places – I’m not a painter so I try to paint what I see or experience with words! I never tire of reading your thoughtful words, thank you so much for taking the time to leave them, it means a lot.

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  10. Kimberlee, ah those storm seasons! This is another beautiful piece. On a side note, I would join you for a Panettone anytime. Happy holidays to you.

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