There you are, standing in your own doorway,

barefoot and bereft of hat,

crow-black hair shaved close to olive skin –

this is the real you, a velvet vision,

someone for me to remember when the mask goes on.

Even I reach for a swipe of dark artifice

around eyes as green as the forest,

armour against a new dawn, performing the same dance,

the hiding of our true selves,

until the day we discard these glittering masks

and kick off our glass shoes.

The glittering lights of the Bright Nights display captured on our favourite inner trail in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).



About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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36 Responses to Masquerade

  1. WOW! Eloquent poetry, Kim.

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  2. Aakansha says:

    Oh man.

    This was so beautifully written. I read it twice!

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  3. Shirley says:

    Absolutely true, remove the glitter and the real you appears. Of course you remember when I did volunteer hospice work, here is where you meet the real. You have no idea of who they were, bankers, gardeners, home makers, no idea of what they had, home, vehicle, country home, a friends couch, and they are not interested in the glitter. You meet the most remarkable, loveable persons, glitter removed.

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    • When we are faced with leaving our world, the masks fall away…the glimpse of my neighbour at his door inspired this poem…he was not expecting anyone to come upon him…my glimpsing his true essence surprised us both! Thank you so much for adding your words…they are a reminder for us to be more brave while we are still in this world!


  4. Beautiful, Kim. This has so much alluring mystery and feels much like a dance. Loved it!

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  5. Lynn Blair says:

    A lovely little ditty. Thanks for sharing on Sunday social.

    -Lynn Blair, “The Inked Autist”

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  6. Beautiful poetry, Kim.

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  7. Yes, very much fairy tale like….I could really envision everything you wrote about, and it is such a bewitching offering…I love it sooooo much…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  8. markmkane says:

    Great pictures. I completely understood this post from the get go. We all put on some sort of mask when we leave our homes to go to work, school, events, errands and such; we act accordingly to our respective place. When we come home, that’s when we take off our mask and become who we really are. I loved how you always reference nature to your posts Kimberlee!

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    • Our homes become our sanctuaries…there’s nothing better than closing that front door, putting the kettle on and settling in! Thank you (always!) for your wonderful comments, I always look forward to reading them…


  9. michnavs says:

    This is such a moving piece Kim..though i must say it isnt easy to remove our masks and reveal our trueselves especially when our society today is filled with judgemental people..however it is still necessary to start doing so…slowly..

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    • This is so beautiful…thank you for sharing your thoughts and yes, slowly removing our masks is a great start especially if there are those out there ready to pounce (& judge!). I loved reading your poem, Mich, so glad to see it pop up on my Reader today!

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  10. shutterbug says:

    Lovely!! This made me want to dance the forest 😊

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  11. Mackenzie says:

    The way this poem collides reality with a bit of almost a wistful dreamy fiction is amazing! I love the line, “this is the real you, a velvet vision, someone for me to remember when the mask goes on”. It’s beautiful when you can dance with someone through life, knowing who they are, raw and unadulterated without a mask and accept them as such. It actually seems she has a preference to the other without that mask, and that is beautiful in our façade laden world. Thank you, Kimberlee! ❤ ❤ I ADORE your writing. You are an inspiration and a role model for me in this arena 😉

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