We Are Moments

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” – Charles Dickens

Two snow days have resulted in long walks through a Narnia inspired forest as snow not seen since the blizzard of ’96 keeps on falling – our small corner of the world unrecognizable, unexpectedly draped in white. No matter which direction we faced, we were greeted with a snapshot of a typical Canadian winter that often doesn’t grace our shores – we could hear children laughing as we walked beside the lagoon and smiled as we saw older men carrying their snowboards home after some outdoor fun, we even passed a happy man on cross-country skis as we made our way over to the inner trails, eager to explore even more woodsy, wintry scenes.

Those of us revelling in an early spring had to change tack – evidence of newfound creativity could be seen in the three round snow sculptures representing our local chickadees sitting together on the icy newspaper box at the corner, bringing a smile to all who might pass by. My favourite was a chubby owl sitting on a local bench looking very Hedwig-like as if waiting for Harry Potter to appear out of the whirling snow on a rare visit to Hogsmeade.

Recently, I awoke to my first blue sunrise, the apartment infused with a cool wintry light, as bruised looking shadows fought to move beyond standard window blinds enticing me to look outside, to see the landscape enveloped in frosty hues with just a smudge of gold hinting at the sunshine to come.

This short winter month has now entered the record books as the coldest February in a part of Canada well known for its mild winters. On brisk walks, I find myself counting all the green buds I can see and dreaming of drinking cups of hot tea outside on a bench underneath a warm sun. The sounds are there, the blackbird choral group has returned to their chestnut tree one street over, their beeps and trills filling the blue sky, and before our latest snowfall, I could see starlings and crows looking for nesting sites.

For now, there are moments to collect, yoga classes down by the harbour to get lost in and books to be read at the end of day – spring will come in its own sweet time, sneaking up on us while our eyes are still dazzled by winter’s long stay.

Could this wintry path lead us to Narnia? Our usual walk into Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.) looks magical!

We call this Tai Chi park, we often find ourselves in the warmer months drinking our tea here by the bamboo in Stanley Park, we can find this peaceful spot at the end of our street! It’s blanketed in snow drops at the moment…

A beautiful bouquet of crocuses captured on a meditative walk through Stanley Park, true spring can’t be too far behind!

In this second week of March with the threat of snow still a possibility, the cherry blossoms are bravely unfurling, the Canada geese are honking on nearby rooftops and all manner of birdlife have begun to pair up. As for myself, the new light moving through the apartment has me thinking of creating space (donating unread books, composting bundles of cedar and sage as well as participating in recycling events) and dusting off my collection of CD’s, it’s time to fill the air with music, welcoming spring.


About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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49 Responses to We Are Moments

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    What a lovely contrast- a wintry wonderland and vibrant spring blooms! Where I’m at, the last several weeks have been a roller coaster of gloomy, bone-chilling days, followed by warm sunny days, before dropping right back down again for a few more days. Nature is never boring, is it? πŸ˜„

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  2. Shirley Ross says:

    This has been so true, I love the snow, quiets my world, but so much fun to hear the birds chirping away in the bushes and trees, crows looking for a love nest, and tiny blossoms, peeking out of the half frozen ground. Nature is amazing.
    Love this blog as always

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  3. It was an incredibly snowy, cold, late spring, Kim, but that urge to donate, recycle and dust the snow off the world is hitting the northern climes with such eagerness it’s hard not to rejoice at those glimpses of blue sky. Spring is coming!.

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  4. Beautiful images Kim and I love the dance between snow and spring flowers at this time of year. Happy spring-cleaning and enjoy the music! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸŽΆ xxx

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  5. areilly88 says:

    Love your references to Narnia and Harry Potter! I find these walks, while perhaps creating or remembering stories, helps keep my spirit warm. Thank you for bringing us along with you!

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  6. Nature’s surprises and different moods are so eloquently captured. A beautiful journey through your words, Kim.

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  7. Don says:

    I love your description of the landscape. I can just feel myself walking through the scenes you express so eloquently. One of the things I appreciate about the falling snow is the sudden mysterious silence that falls over everything.

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment, as much as I love the warmer months, yes, there is something magical about a snow-laden silence, it gives us respite from an often very busy world.

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  8. The weather sure has been strange worldwide Kimberlee. The snow does look beautiful but it is a joy to welcome spring. We thought it had arrived here in February when we had a very warm spell but storms lashed us in March until last weekend.

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  9. Tanya Cliff says:

    β€œFor now these are moments to collect…”

    Your descriptions of the scenery are wonderful. I walked it with you.
    Beautiful moments to collect!

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  10. calmkate says:

    beauty and love shine through, you are healing ❀

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  11. markmkane says:

    Beautiful pictures Kimberlee. I just love how you not only describe nature’s scenery vividly but incorporating the little things like the people that you see. It just somehow enhances the feeling of what you’re describing. Love it!

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    • It’s the second day of spring and it feels like summer, those wintry remembrances seem so far away now! Thank you (always!) for enjoying the reads, Mark, readers like yourself motivate me to seek out the new or interesting to share with you all!


  12. ugetse says:

    I love your moments. You express so well the images of our city and Stanley Park. Thanks for another delicious note.😘

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  13. Your photos are just breathtaking! What a beautiful area! And your words paint such a lovely picture.β™₯️β™₯️ Thank you for sharing!

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  14. Mackenzie says:

    your writing is the equivalent of big deep breath… thank you for letting us into your life in such a lyrical way. So beautiful! For the winter continuing you certainly are embracing it : )

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  15. michnavs says:

    I live in a tropical country..we dont have snow…and it makes me wonder in awe how beautiful and relaxing the snow could be..and i find comfort in reading your post Kim..i know that if and ever i would not hav the chance to experience winter, there would always be someone who will remind me of its beauty…and that is you…

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    • Thank you (always!) for your lovely words, Mich…I love visiting tropical places, the beauty there is so exotic and warm…when I spent some time near Tulum, Mexico, it was funny to hear of only two seasons, summer and winter…their sense of winter would be our summer up here!

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  16. Aeshwarya says:

    Hi, Kim! It is always a treat to stop by your blog!
    It’s almost spring in Paris – what a lovely change from the bitter winter. I love being woken up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning. Always reminds me of home πŸ™‚

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  17. Robin says:

    As always, I love your descriptions to go with your images. πŸ™‚

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  18. A beautiful walk through your snowy spring, but the signs are there, if you can see through the snow! In February we had a day that was the hottest on record – so much so that a couple of hill fires broke out across the country. Spring has definitely come here, but this morning it snowed. You can never be quite sure!

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    • Our neck of the woods just had our first wildfire of the season, too…thank goodness, it rained overnight and into today, the fire was tough to put out as it was moving up the mountain…we might still have a snowfall or two up country, it’s surprising how winter hangs on so tight! Thank you (always!) for your lovely comments…

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  19. kyleoyier says:

    Great post

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  20. I love your positivity and creativity, Kimberlee. ❀ And, what a great idea to create space for spring and lightness. How's that going for you?
    Sending you much loving.
    ps – my mom used to say, "Good morning sunshine!"

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Debbie! Spring is slowly revealing itself and I’m loving the lightness that it brings…your words are always a joy to read, take good care.


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