Fierce Grace

Dwell On The Beauty Of Life” – Marcus Aurelius

Living here in our changing city requires a fierce grace, once quiet areas are frequently overwhelmed with the noise of destruction and within moments it seems, the sound of construction. There are new faces daily to gaze upon as towers rise, making it harder to find respite, the amenities we take for granted (our local community centre, library and favourite coffee bars) slow to catch up. I do love it when the tourists arrive, they bring new energy and colourful maps into our world, enlivening mundane spaces, making those of us who live here appreciate them all the more.

A few weeks ago, I became a tourist of sorts myself, catching a bus downtown to meet a dear friend at Lonsdale Quay. As I entered the busy train station to catch the SeaBus for a 15 minute ride across the water, the excited voices of tourists taking pictures of the North Shore mountains, a massive container ship from Mumbai, and the verdant green of Stanley Park, filtered through the air. Lonsdale Quay is a bustling spot brimming with market stalls, eateries filled with delicious aromas, tea cups and baked goods as well as boutique-style shops. Our plans were to walk up a San Francisco-like hill to wander through a second-hand bookstore stuffed to the rafters before sitting down somewhere quirky for lunch. We ended up at an organic/vegan bakery that reminded me of the very cool Bliss Bakery upcountry in Peachland that Terry and I enjoyed last year on our road trip to the Okanagan. Afterwards, we explored some sweet gift stores, making sure to peek into the new Polygon Art Gallery’s eclectic gift store before stretching out on the adjoining dock on smooth metal sculpted loungers facing the iconic glass city of Vancouver, its mesmerizing vista reminding me how lucky I am to live here.

A walk up to our local farmer’s market this past weekend revealed new builds, the architecture and design catching our eye, the city’s vision of combining market and social housing unfolding on streets not walked upon often enough. Fierce grace resulting in a more culturally diverse and vibrant city, providing inspiration for my pages if I’m willing to look and accept these inevitable changes to a city that finds itself on the world stage. So here I sit in the shade, overlooking a sparkling English Bay on this summer-like day, taking a sweet pause before immersing myself in one of the first free festivals of the season (the West End Car-Free Festival), holding close both the old and the new as our city by the sea continues on its journey to becoming a butterfly (we hope!).

Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.) is filled with gorgeous blooms (Rhododendrons) this time of year!

One can always find a Great Blue Heron fishing at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).

A new favourite! This beautiful trail runs along the iconic seawall of Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.) with beautiful views of the North Shore mountains.

About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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47 Responses to Fierce Grace

  1. So enchanting… I felt like I was touring with you. A very nice escape. Thanks for the that.

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  2. calmkate says:

    delightful photos and a new challenge as ‘progress’ changes many things!

    This didn’t come into my reader … some are having difficulty with this on WP so if you don’t get many readers please repost it

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  3. ugetse says:

    it is scary and fascinating to consider what the future might hold. For the moment I choose to concentrate on Terryโ€™s beautiful photos. Thanks a million for your engaging soul. ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

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    • Hola, Huguette! Thank you so much, dear neighbour, for dropping by and enjoying the read, it means a lot! My blog is blessed to have Terry’s photos, his artistic eye adds another layer…


  4. michnavs says:

    Change is not bad nor good,but what concerns me though is when change happen and we forget what and how things used to be..and most of time people forget because the supposed “change” totally removed or topple down certain key and important architectures.

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  5. michnavs says:


    Let me add by saying i hope it wont happen there. Your place is lovely as evident from the photos you’ve been sharing..

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  6. Saania2806 says:

    Enchanting and mystical!๐Ÿ’•

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  7. cindy knoke says:

    I liked this especially :
    “Living here in our changing city requires a fierce grace.”

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  8. What a lovely insight into becoming a tourist in your beautiful city Kimberlee. It sounds delightful. I do the same here every summer, and like you it reminds me of how blessed I am.

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  9. Shirley Ross says:

    I also am in love with tourist season. I watch the Hop On and Hop off Bus, go by, with happy faces, facing the day with wonder. I love the idea, as people can get off at any stop, look around, shop, visit sites and then hop back on the bus, no schedule, no time limit. Today is a happy day, first day of summer, Indigenous Peoples Day, longest day of the year, and the day I was so lucky to be born. To have wonderful children, great friends on one of the greatest places on the planet. I am so blessed.

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  10. markmkane says:

    I can totally relate to the first part of your post. The nice quiet places that I used to frequent are now either under renovations to make it more appealing or it was covered over with a commercial building or condo. And as you summed it up at the end that it’s inevitable that things change and we need that fierce grace to accept it. Thanks for sharing Kimberlee.

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  11. Harlon says:

    Oh, how I miss Stanley Park! Whenever I visit Vancouver, #1 on my to do list is to walk the Sea Wall. It’s always such a profound experience for me – good memories, beautiful nature, the sense of harmony. Enjoy! Hugs, Harlon

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  12. Mackenzie says:

    This is so powerful— I have chills!!! I love this idea of Fierce Grace as you described so articulately… living near San Francisco I can relate to this. This captures the beauty that can result from growing with and around others from various backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, etc.- even in ways that may feel frustrating at times from crowding or may create uncertainty, there is such beauty in all walks and people that can result in a richer community! I always adore your writing & posts!

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  13. Quirky Girl says:

    Yay! I love how someplace ‘quirky’ manifests into an organic/vegan bakery! That’s totally my cup of tea! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Those Rhododendrons are stunning. Although it’s summer and disgustingly hot at times, my morning walks with Jett are always so much more bearable when there are gloriously bright blooms to distract from the far less glorious sticky heat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Summer is so beautiful and lush and yes, those sticky days are sometimes hard to bear…we’ve just experienced our first smoky skies from a nearby wildfire up in the mountains but thankfully the air quality has been deemed healthy!

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  14. I don’t know if we have much choice but to embrace change, Kim. I’m glad that as your city grows and transforms, it still retains its charm. Someday, I hope to be a Vancouver tourist! โค

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  15. Jina Bazzar says:

    I agree with Diana, I believe we can’t stop the world from changing, but I hope that the beauty of times gone by isn’t forgotten.
    It’s great to go out sometimes and be a tourist in your own city.

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