Second Summer

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson

A burnt orange crescent moon rose in the night sky late this week, ushering in a glowing red sun smothered in smoke. Breezes that were absent during the heat dome in early summer have made the last few days of a third heatwave bearable but stalled yesterday resulting in a 10+ dangerous air quality reading and a strong smell of wood smoke. Thankfully we had thawed a simple supper allowing us to heat up some delicious vegetarian chili rather than fry or bake something. We anticipated another sleepless night but managed to create some movement in the apartment with our tower fan and air purifier. Autumn arrives in a few weeks and we hope to have a second summer rather than a prolonged fire season (some fires in the Interior might burn until the first snowfall).

Today the smoke and heat have fled and a cool breeze kept me company as I walked up my street to a heritage home to check out a Postcard Era exhibit called Wish You Were Here – highlighting the art of the postcard, connection and communication. There was a touching poster board note about the pandemic and how important it is now, connecting – posting a photo or commenting on a blog site, today’s version of mailing a postcard to a loved one or friend.

The collection of sepia-toned and pastel hued postcards came from all over after a call-out to the many small museums up and down the coast, giving them a chance to be seen in the big city. I was amazed at the similarity to my own postcard collection with their cursive sentiments echoing my own. I had the whole house to myself to wander through on a beautiful sunny afternoon and I’m so glad I went!

As I write these words, a fragrant cup of rooibos tea steams gently in a delicate English tea cup decorated in bold black stripes and an array of stylistic animals and birds (some holding fans, beloved books or playing amid autumn leaves in sepia toned colours of their own). I’m at a delightful coffee place and gift shop called Goodge that I try to visit every summer. Sitting outside at their bistro tables near a lushly scented florist shop is divine…

A second summer has emerged with sundrenched days and some welcome rainy ones – on one of these perfect summer days we left the city to spend some time at the Shipyards (formerly the Wallace Shipyards), just a short Seabus ride across beautiful Burrard Inlet to the North Shore. The Shipyards sit adjacent to a very vibrant Lonsdale Quay where we sat dockside recently enjoying some delicious teriyaki take-out. Today’s lunch (tasty burgers and glasses of cold beer) was at the Original Tap and Barrel restaurant where we sat underneath a bright yellow patio umbrella at a scrubbed wooden table facing the stunning Vancouver skyline. Ravens as black as night flew overhead to sit on a large crane left behind as industrial sculpture while the ocean breeze kept us cool.

As we revel in this second summer, autumn is quietly painting the tops of the chestnut tree one street over and I kick through fallen acorns on my way to write at Veranda Cafe, thankful for the warm sunshine and the freedom to sit outside, to savour a cup of tea and take it all in.

A view of Lonsdale Quay (North Vancouver, B.C.) where we sat dockside overlooking the Burrard Inlet.
The stunning Vancouver skyline captured just steps away from The Original Tap and Barrel restaurant.
The Shipyards area offers quiet spaces, hidden patios and a long pier to eat an ice cream on, there are many industrial and marine touches to enjoy on a sunny wander.
This is a shot looking back towards the Original Tap and Barrel restaurant and that huge crane that the ravens like to sit on!

About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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34 Responses to Second Summer

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful photos – looks like lovely weather! I’m glad it is Sept., one of my favorite months, cooler and still pleasant to be outside. Enjoy!

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    • We had another lovely day today, eating a delicious lunch out on yet another splendid patio overlooking the skyline with Washington’s Mt. Baker shimmering amid the clouds…you’re right, September is a beautiful month and one of my favourite’s, too! Thank you so much for stopping by…

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  2. I’m glad you’re safe and getting some relief.

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  3. murisopsis says:

    This post reads like a love poem to summer!

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  4. floweringink says:

    As ever, your words are exquisite and transport me. I have missed reading you, my friend.

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  5. utahan15 says:

    as we approach
    some kinda indian summer
    vernal and equal

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  6. Tranature - quiet moments in nature says:

    Beautiful images Kim and so glad you have clear blue skies gain, here’s wishing you a blessed September 💙

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    • These last few days of summer (so far!) have been beautiful…warm sunshine, falling leaves and soft breezes, my favourite time of year is arriving! I hope your week is going well, Xenia…thank you so much for stopping by, it warms my heart and soul.

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  7. I love autumn with its cooler days and colors. After the hot dry summer it feels like a relief. I’m glad to hear that the heat and smoke have abated. Enjoy the coming autumn, Kim. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

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  8. Vancouver is so beautiful, and after all these years, I still can’t believe that I am blessed to live on the west coast. So glad you are enjoying the sites, Kim. I am looking forward to autumn and extinguished fires. Our province has taken a hefty beating this year. I’ve got my sweaters primed and ready for action. Keep enjoying what remains of summer and the beauty of September!

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    • This city and province takes my breath away with its beauty! We just spent some time in West Vancouver with friends on a gorgeous patio overlooking the city with a beautiful view of snowy Mt. Baker…thank you so much for commenting and enjoying the read. Take care and hope you savour the rest of your Island summer…

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  9. markmkane says:

    Such lovely and eloquent words to describe your summer there in Vancouver Kimberlee. The pictures just only adds to your words. The choice of words you use are so vibrant and the places that you went to really make it feel like it’s the place to be on a summer day. I’m keeping a mental checklist of all the places you describe so that one day when I visit there, I can try to see some of the places you talked about and experience the feeling of truly being there. Thanks for helping me to travel to new places in a time where it’s not readily feasible.

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  10. Carol anne says:

    this all sounds wonderful! Cant believe autumn is upon us already! The months are flying by!

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  11. ugetse says:

    WoW! I can hardly recognize Lonsdale Quay. After reading your post and seeing your photos, I feel like jumping on the sea bus and adventure myself there. 😅 Thank you for another seductive text. Loving hug. Your lucky neighbor. ♥️🥰🌹

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  12. ugetse says:

    I will for sure.

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  13. It sounds like you’ve had a tranquil end to summer, but still full of interesting things to see and do.

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  14. Kathy says:

    Beautiful images and words. What a lovely spot in the world to experience this “Second Summer”. The postcard shop sounds like it filled your heart with quiet contentment–and you had the place to yourself!

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  15. Thank you for this glorious reminder of summer’s end, alive with its own beauty and fragrance.
    I visited your beautiful province a few weeks ago and was mesmerized by its charm and elegance. I could visit again and again and not grow tired of all it has to offer.

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