Bench Series (Winter)

Darkness is where the magic of moonlight lives.” – Unknown

Before our part of the world became a winter wonderland, there were two days where I happily found myself – sitting at an outdoor table at the “cabin in the woods” Reindeer Cafe near the miniature railway in Stanley Park. It was wonderful to greet familiar faces behind the concession counter after a closure of almost two years.

One visit with a dear friend included a festive cinnamon scented churro stick and a paper cup of warm apple cider. Despite the sunny afternoon, a late December cold spell added an atmospheric note or two – on our walk over to the concession to catch a flash of coloured lights from the Bright Nights event, we passed a partially frozen lagoon and patterns of hoarfrost that were grass and leafy greenery just a week ago.

My second visit was a delightful al fresco lunch with Terry (delicious veggie burgers with a side of freshly cooked fries and another large apple cider to share) on a balmier day that called for a long walk in the forest afterwards on trails we had to ourselves – a winter afternoon filled with the sound of birdsong and mist rising from the forest floor.

And now amid snow covered sidewalks and freezing temperatures from an Arctic outflow paired with roaring wind, I’ve found shelter at my local coffee bar to gather my thoughts over a soothing hot drink – poised between the ending of one year and a new one about to begin.

These lovely benches sit in the Rose Garden in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.), we came upon them on one of the very last days of autumn.
I couldn’t resist setting the scene for some beautiful bench captures!
At the intersection of four forest trails in the park we find these two conversational benches, across from them, high up in a tree is an eagle’s nest!
Autumn leaf covered benches are now covered in powdery snow lit up by the sun, this bench is located in the Rhododendron Garden.
We often sit here in the warmer months overlooking Third Beach, winter has a unique beauty of its own even if we choose not to linger.
Our province is experiencing more atmospheric river episodes which have washed all the local snow away, this throne-like chair sits near Second Beach and looks very regal!

About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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27 Responses to Bench Series (Winter)

  1. It is so enjoyable to read your visit to the local café, can feel the warmth of community and friendship through the winter chill 🙂 And how I love the benches and the glimpses of this season you bring – there is something special about the benches I too think, the stories they hold from the warm seasons and the beauty they hold in the cold winters!

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  2. markmkane says:

    I was waiting for another post on your Bench Series Kimberlee. Loved the pictures, but I liked it when you talked about meeting your friends on two separate occasions and what you ate. I liked how you enjoyed your time with them but yet still stopped to notice your surroundings and jot that memory in your head. Thanks for sharing!

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    • I’m so blessed to travel my world via forest trails and city sidewalks, Mark and it’s a pleasure to share those wanders with wonderful readers like yourself!
      The sun is shining today and it feels like spring…


  3. ugetse says:

    Holà Kim and Terry, your benches are so magical . Love their silent expression . The snow delicately caresses them. They stand there proud. Really love them.
    Your words are also inspiring. Love the forest walks and cafés.
    Viva la vida! Thank you for your note.

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  4. Thank you for letting us walk along with you along these trails Kim! I especially love the two benches at the snowy intersection and can imagine the peaceful conversations flowing between them 💚

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    • There used to be a wooden canopy above those intersecting benches but a tree fell during a recent storm destroying it, thankfully the benches were replaced to offer walkers (and dogs!) a peaceful respite.
      Thank you for stopping by, Xenia, it warms my heart! X

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  5. utahan15 says:

    the area is reputed for it s natural beauty.

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  6. Kathy says:

    I love how the benches look, especially the powdery lit-up-by-snow one. Your drinks in the café sound delicious, too. How nice you could return to the cabin in the woods Reindeer Café after so much time has passed.

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  7. murisopsis says:

    This post reminded me to look up the current prospects for reaching Vancouver from the US. It looks bleak. I may only get to enjoy these places vicariously. This was a wonderful tour of the forest benches! It is true – the winter has given them a new facet to their allure!

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    • Snow events are rare here! I was thrilled to be able to share some snowy scenes…
      I’m sorry that things look bleak regarding travel from the US to Vancouver, we’re not out of the woods yet…let’s hope spring brings us all some renewed hope!


  8. floweringink says:

    This is so lovely, Kimberly! Reading you is so often like the most wonderful and transportive meditation! It’s nice, even for just a moment, so see the world through eyes like yours.

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  9. It looks snowy and cold, Kim, but beautiful with all that white, and I can feel spring on the other side. 🙂

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  10. The cafe and sense of community is warm and lovely. Your choice of benches look like some great places for a pause.

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  11. Those are stunning winter photos! Love the frozen chair/throne. I love winter as long as I don’t have to drive or be driven anywhere. Always happy just to observe the beauty..

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