Storm Chasing

“…to listen to stars and buds, to babes and sages, with open heart; await occasions, hurry never…this is my symphony.” William Henry Channing

I recently missed a storm here in the West End, it happened last Friday evening as I sat with my friend Yvonne (at her apartment), drinking tea and eating slices of my Mom’s tasty green apple and cheddar cheese loaf. It had rained heavily during the mid-afternoon and by the time I made my way to Yvonne’s place for a delicious dinner, the rain had slowed down to a drop or two. The drive home later that evening from the South Granville area to the West End was calm and rain free. I was glad as Yvonne kindly drives me home (I use transit to go long distances in the city) and then has to make her way back to her place.

When I walked through the door, Terry asked if we had seen or experienced the short but violent storm that came whipping through with heavy rain, wind and perhaps lightening or bright light from electrical transformers blowing – the storm so fierce, Terry’s blue kayak was moved from it’s resting place near the balcony railing to almost flush with one of our living room windows. It’s hard to believe that Yvonne and I could miss such an event but perhaps it was an errant weather cell only above the West End.

My neighbour Huguette often talks of storms of a different kind, storms that enter our lives in the form of whirlwind challenges to our health, worries or concerns about loved ones, our jobs or the world we inhabit, a world created by news bites we might embrace too closely – we may forget that, in time, these storms will start to fade away and allow the sun to shine through; how I love those moments, they bring hope and a renewed awareness of this gift called life.

To be honest, I don’t seek out those kinds of storms, I only hope that if I find myself experiencing one that I remember that I can and will make my way out of it especially with dear friends and family.

I do, however, enjoy the storms of nature – Terry & I have been fortunate enough to travel to Mexico during the rainy season in Nayarit  and hurricane season near Tulum without too much trouble; we wanted to experience Mexico with all it’s weather moods not just during the mostly sunny snowbird season (typically from November to April) and we were not disappointed!

Journal Entry: September 28, 2006 @ the Riu Jalisco in Nayarit

Our time away (2 weeks) is winding down; we have four more days left, I feel very relaxed and happy. There is a small list of last things to do – more reading, journal writing, the last pina coladas to drink at the swim up bar and those last chances to taste new foods. We are doing most of our tanning in the shade or in the pool, the average daily temperature has been over 90 degrees F!

The other night we experienced a midnight hour long storm with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard. Lightening flashed over and over all around us, we could not sleep – our room was lit up as if it was daylight. There was also  a lot of rain and strong winds. I’m glad we experienced some of this rainy season’s weather. We tend to travel during our Canadian winter months to enjoy what is called the dry season in many countries. We hope to witness more evening storms – so far there has been no rainfall during the day.

Journal Entry: October 03, 2012 @ the Gran Bahia Coba near Tulum

Today is our third day, we just had lunch at Kukulcan (the resort’s buffet dining room) after a walk and a jamaica (hibiscus) juice at the snack bar, Pisi’s. It is cloudy today after a night of lightening, thunder and a heavy rain. We have enjoyed our stay here so far – we spent day one swimming and resting by the pool. Yesterday we took the shuttle to check out the Akumal property – we wanted to have lunch at the Riviera buffet dining room and we were able to see Coba beach and the Caribbean Sea. Akumal is a very busy resort, here at Coba, it’s more peaceful and quiet.

Storm Clouds Gathering Above the Ruins at Tulum

Storm Clouds Gathering Above the Ruins at Tulum

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2 Responses to Storm Chasing

  1. Shirley says:

    I also missed the storm. I was in my apartment in the West End but apparently the storm only manifested itself on the opposite side of my building. I remember when you were 2 years old in Victoria, a storm came up with very loud thunder and lightening, and I was not too pleased but you were frightened and I took you on my lap and we sat outside on the stairs of our house, both of us being and becoming brave. We laughed at the noise, and felt the rain.
    Life is full of storms, and full of bravery. The smell of the storm, hot, humid, devoid of air, and the clap that releases. Love your blog,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you, Mom! What a nice memory for me to have on my blog – this morning was also very stormy and how wonderful, to have the sun break through @ noon and bring us such summer-like weather!


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