An unwanted visit to a forgotten childhood realm

overcomes me as I walk upon a muddied path

between bird-filled hedgerow and crumbling cement – 

the quiet softness of winter-dark broken by laboured breath

 running against time, hopping over fences

and  cutting through yards,

all after school cares evaporating fast

amid the thundering threat  behind, nightmare come to life – 

through sheer will, never caught, and yet,

the beauty of a path far in the future,

has the power to send me hurtling down the corridors of my heart

once again.

A beautiful winter shot of a city corridor near Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).




About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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23 Responses to Flashback

  1. markmkane says:

    Kimberlee, I just love how you craft your poems and use your past experiences to make the words come alive. I can completely relate to that experience of that nightmare of being chased but lucky enough to never get caught.

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    • I just commented that my bully & I ended up playing Mary and Joseph in the school play…I haven’t thought about it in years until I wandered down a path that triggered those memories! I’m glad you never got caught, too!

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  2. A very powerful write Kimberlee. You bring the fear of being chased to life with your words and you capture the beauty of it giving you the wings to fly to safety so well. So glad to read you were never caught 💜 xxx

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    • My bully & I ended up playing Mary and Joseph in the school play (isn’t that ironic?!)…I attended Catholic school so I could continue to learn French. Thank you so much for stopping by…your lovely words warmed my heart!

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  3. michnavs says:

    It always amazes me to read your poetry clearly describing events….this time you bring us back down your past…

    And i would have to read this again cos i can sense there’s more to how i view it now..

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  4. Nice One. Some places do bring back the exact emotions that we had years ago. No matter how much we have moved on and try to tell ourselves it is ok, there is some part of the brain that triggers those exact emotions of fear, helplessness and angst.

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    • I was quite surprised to have this memory resurface from a simple walk between a high hedge and an old hotel just behind where I live! Thank you for stopping by & commenting, your thoughtful words brightened my day…

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  5. Heart-poundingly beautiful and poetic…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  6. The entire composition is beautiful, but I loved the last 4 lines. An amazing power you have to weave such poetry.

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  7. You evoke strong emotions in this, Kim. It’s amazing how those experiences of our childhoods can come roaring back even when the threat is no longer there. Powerful poem.

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  8. Some memories make a rude awakening from some crevice of the mind. I hope you have got over it, Kim. Is it not strange that it has been so many years and the terror still remains. Powerful words, Kim!

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  9. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    I know that feeling full well. A phenomenal way to express yourself. Thank you for sharing. Stay awesome and have a phenomenal day.

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