Bench Series (Autumn)

Benches and books have things in common beyond the fact that they’re generally to do with sitting. Both are forms of public privacy, intimate spaces widely shared.” – Mal Peet

During the last two years, my partner and I have spent many peaceful moments wandering through our beloved Stanley Park, one of its magical entries located just down our street…we often find ourselves on a variety of benches offering gorgeous vistas and respite from busy neighbourhood streets. On my solo walks, some of the benches have hosted a thermos of tea, my latest read, or a flaky croissant from a local bakery. Terry has found rest and tranquility on a variety of benches on his forest walks which gave rise to this series…he wanted to document some of these meditative spaces so I could share them with you offering a breath or a moment to linger over.

A late October offering on a bench dedicated to a lost friend found on a forest trail near Brockton Oval in Stanley Park (Vancouver, B.C.).
This very popular bench faces the miniature golf course in the Rhododendron Garden in Stanley Park, a morning walk on this path is a favourite of ours.
This lovely spot overlooks English Bay, I’ve sat here many times with my notebook in hand and a Mason jar filled with ice tea or a thermos of chai tea nearby depending on the season!
This fantastical Lord Of The Rings bench sits in front of the iconic Tea House Restaurant at Ferguson Point.
Terry revisited these beautiful benches down a flight of stairs at Prospect Point overlooking Lion’s Gate Bridge and the North Shore beyond.
We often find ourselves on this path located between two favourite concessions (Lumberman’s Arch and Railway), in spring the trees that this peaceful bench faces erupts in beautiful cherry blossoms!
Terry couldn’t resist this picnic bench shot showcasing the hind ends of two polar bear sculptures waiting to be put in place to herald the reopening of Bright Nights in Stanley Park for December wanders and rides on the miniature train. I wonder if they were looking for a picnic basket?

About anotetohuguette

I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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36 Responses to Bench Series (Autumn)

  1. murisopsis says:

    I’m hoping to visit Stanley park when we visit for Geowoodstock in August. There are 30 geocaches in Stanly Park making it a geocaching destination!

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  2. ugetse says:

    Thanks for the parade of seductive benches. I love all of them. Terry has a keen eye. We are lucky to live so close to the park . You know so well how to enjoy every little part of it. Mister Stanley would be proud. ♥️🌹🥰

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    • Today is not the day to enjoy the pleasure of sitting on a bench, lol! It’s much nicer to connect with you all, sip on a soothing tea and dream of summer…
      As always, thank you so much for joining us on our wanders through the “crown jewel” of our beautiful city, Huguette! X

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  3. Those benches look very inviting, especially considering the beautiful settings. Happy Autumn!

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  4. Kathy says:

    Imagining sitting on one of those benches and enjoying Stanley Park once again.

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  5. Beautiful photos along your walks, Kim. Benches are there to be enjoyed. Wouldn’t it have been fun to be the person who decided where they go? What an exercise in mindfulness. I hope you’re well and that your beautiful park wasn’t harmed too badly from the storm that hit BC. Take care. Hugs.

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    • We are in the middle of storm number three! A town I lived in when I was in my early twenties (Merritt) was completely flooded, the footage coming in from the valley and up country are shocking…thankfully, our provincial government is working around the clock to keep the supply chain moving and to help get farmers and others back on their feet.
      Benches seem even more precious now and I’m glad you enjoyed the wander, Diana!
      I hope your beautiful area managed to escape the onslaught…

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  6. Clearly, I need to go for a walk in Stanley Park! I’ve only ever been on the seawall but have never explored it beyond that. Your photos are incredible, and the colours are ridiculously vibrant! Wow. Now I’m wondering why I have never gone on a Stanley Park adventure! Thanks for the inspiration; I’ll do that the next time I am in Vancouver! What shall I bring to nibble on while seated on one of those beautiful benches?? Hmm.🤔Have a lovely weekend, Kim, and stay dry! Yikes.

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    • These atmospheric rivers are challenging, thank goodness we’re keeping dry and supply chain issues appear to be minimal…exploring Stanley Park never fails to bring something new to light or a bench to sit on!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and being inspired…I hope you’re keeping dry, too…


  7. markmkane says:

    I loved this post Kimberlee! Loved the pictures that you posted as well. The bench is something that I often overlook when I’m at the park. Just think if those benches could speak…all the stories they could tell of all those that sat there.

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  8. Oh, the joy I feel strolling through your post, I imagined taking a seat at each one of the benches with settings as if a beautiful dream come alive. The fall leaves bring such magic to the spaces. I loved the quote in the beginning about books and benches, how true 🙂

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  9. michnavs says:

    beautiful photos Kim. you never failed to take us with your walks..

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  10. Ali Grimshaw says:

    What a great quote and these pictures are so inviting. I so rarely sit on a bench in a park because I am always moving. This makes me think I should give it a try more often.

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  11. What gorgeous views and colours. I love to see a bench piled up with autumn leaves – there’s something so poetic about an empty bench, as well as the view it give you!

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  12. Miriam says:

    Kim, those colours are so beautiful. Love how you enjoy nature so much and all it’s small and simple treasures. Stay happy 💚

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  13. calmkate says:

    It looks like a very magical place … those vividly colourful leaves, bear butts, and that gandolf hat over the bench! Ideal places to rest and gives a sneak peek at your lovely walking paths.

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  14. Terveen Gill says:

    Beautiful pictures. So colorful and inviting. 🙂

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