The Way Is Love

It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.” – Hermann Hesse

There is something that happens everyday (and every morning) in our back alley, something that often catches my eye as I move about and fills my soul with tenderness. It is the image of a slender, older woman returning from her ritual early morning walk in the park. She often holds her hand on her right hip and takes the odd break in her stride to rest or share peanuts with the crows that follow her home. The moment that brings out this tenderness is when I see her beloved make his way towards her, briefcase in hand – he never fails to meet her and to watch him gently take her hand in his, to guide her safely home always warms my heart. This is the way of love.

The title of this post was inspired by a line I read in a small book of Buddhist teachings, four small words spelling out, “The Way of Love”, the simplicity of these words lit up in my mind and slipped into place like puzzle pieces. I imagined changing just one word, to create a statement or truth for myself, a reminder that amidst any sadness or horror I might hear or read about, there is a way or path out and that way is through love. I know that love has many layers and colours, it ebbs and flows through our lives and when it flows easily, we are at our happiest, how comforting to know that if love is elusive (especially when we hear of wars or famine and learn of the cruelty we can heap on one another) we can choose to step on the firm foundation that love offers us and make our way. To choose the way of love can become a practice, like the runner who runs through the forest each day, the writer who takes to his/her pages or the yoga student who takes to her mat and when I glimpse that couple in the alley way, that will be my reminder to always remember that the way is love.

Journal Excerpt: November 18, 2011

An image jotted down – a couple sitting by the Rio Cuale at “Oscar’s” restaurant at a table separate from the restaurant proper, being entertained by a mariachi band begging the question, was he proposing or were they celebrating? It was such a romantic scene after our malecon walk this evening.

The List (for Frank)

1) Drinking soothing cups of “Honeysuckle Tea” (a tea made of honey, orange and lemon slices, ginger, turmeric – a recipe found on Facebook by my Mom) for the longest cold ever among my books and nest of newspapers

2) Curling up to re-watch the film, “The Fugitive” (a film peppered with lots of action and fave actors) on Oscar night (instead of!)

3) The sound of a raven calling outside Huguette’s 10th floor balcony windows, the sun finally out after a morning of heavy rain (no rainbows to be seen!)

4) Reading that a favourite author will be presenting her new book at a downtown venue in a week or so – her writing is very visual and she shares so much about the practice of writing, I know that this is something not to miss.

5) Sharing a hot drink with my Mom at “Milano’s”, she tried a lavender latte (heralding Spring) and I had my go-to hot chocolate – just outside, the magnolia tree in full bloom bursting with it’s many pink flowers, always a sign of Spring.


Love is in the air on the Malecon (P.V.)




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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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3 Responses to The Way Is Love

  1. Shirley says:

    The way of the Buddha. Love of course is the answer, it is everywhere, in the buds on trees, in the ocean whispers, in the shadows of the mountains. As I age, the recall of a love moment takes away the aloneness of the moment. The remembered smile of a child, the gift from a loved one, and words of encouragement. May you always flourish in the Buddha way, feeding and caring for the lost, the ladybug who landed on your lettuce that you cared for until it flew away, these are the tangibles. Love is the glue.
    Love Mom

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  2. Thanks, Mom! Such beautiful words – Huguette is right, you are a writer, too, it would be lovely to visit a blog written by you!

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