The View From Here

 You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

The light streaming into the apartment these last two days has lifted my spirits even if it lets me know that quiet corners need dusting. With Spring on it’s way and the time change (moving our clocks 1 hour ahead for daylight savings) under our belts, the longer light of day will be calling us; we will be spending more time outside and will say good-bye to the soothing sound of the falling rain here in my rainforest city.

I’m feeling very peaceful as I write these words, sitting here at my table in my 9th floor aerie and soon to sit at my neighbour Huguette’s table on the 10th floor to type on my laptop, her table acting as my writer’s studio when I’m not posting at the local library. Both tables provide a view on to other apartment buildings, flashes of the deep blue of English Bay, the darker greens of Lost Lagoon and the stunning view of the snow-capped North Shore mountains, all an inspiration for a writer to put pen to paper. These views are my windows to the outside world and this union is unique to me, someone else looking outside their windows will see or feel differently – as my former employer Rai used to say, “we all come from the same place or perspective, this being the place of feeling right or having our own truth”, the key I learned from him and am still learning from, is that if we take the time to listen to someone else’s words, giving them the space to be themselves, we can begin to understand or even accept another person’s view without fighting for our own.

The picture I chose to post this week shows two views, the first being our view of the musician sitting on the sand just after sunset playing softly to himself and in capturing this image, another view is revealed – the musician himself taking in the view of the ocean waves and enjoying the last rays of the warm sun. As we walked the malecon to catch the beautiful sunsets of Puerto Vallarta, we often saw him sitting there enjoying this private ritual, his thoughts and feelings unknown to us, and yet, we were in communion together in those moments, all of us, just taking in the view.

Journal Excerpt: December 06, 2011 (my Dad’s birthday)

We sent our last e-mails today at our funky internet place near Centro (a very airy space). While I sent my e-mails I could hear the church bells ringing near the zocolo. We’ve been searching out some small gifts for family and friends these past couple of days and have done well. We wanted to share our pesos with as many local people as possible. I’m very happy with all my treasures.

Journal Excerpt: December 09, 2011

I’m catching some sun on our balcony. We leave Vallarta Sunday afternoon and these last few days are passing slowly, not as fast as I thought. We live in the moment here in Mexico. Every moment is filled with colour, music, scent, flitting butterflies and there are birds, as well as iguanas to watch and life in Vallarta ever unfolding…I love it!

The List ( Visions of the Riviera Maya, Mexico – 2012)

1) …the late afternoon sun slanting across the terrace with our very own coconut palm, a small brown lizard on the wall.

2) …swallows flying low in front of the villa, they only left Vancouver in late Summer.

3) …the feeling of coming home (Mexico) on Hwy. 307 in a van that picked us up at the Cancun airport, to see once again the beautiful flowers, jungle and enjoy a colourful stop at Playa del Carmen.

4) …outside our terrace door, seeing the property’s workers riding their bikes dressed in white wearing Safari hats (very exotic!)

 5) …here at the Coba property, there are many iguanas, the villa we are staying at has it’s own resident pair (a male and a female) who live in a small hole near our front door!

The view from here - a musician's paradise on a P.V. beach.

The view from here – a musician’s private paradise on a P.V. beach.

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I'm currently blogging from the beautiful West Coast city of Vancouver, British Columbia - a vibrant city by the sea, surrounded by mountains and a very unique urban forest.
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11 Responses to The View From Here

  1. caritosalomon says:

    The reflection and journal excerpts are beautifully written. I felt peace and let my imagination roam to Mexico just by reading. Well done!

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  2. Shirley says:

    Love this, the feel of the sun, coming stronger, makes me think of “When The Sun Moves Northward” by Mabel Collins. One can actually feel the we are all in this together with the observation of the musician by the water. The coming forth of Spring to Summer, relegating the winter to a faded memory, the little chirps of insects, humming of wings, laughter on the face of the populous. This seems to bring forth the inner peace, our requiem, rising from the dead of winter to the life of summer.
    Love Mom

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  3. dm gillis says:

    …hoping the iguanas survive the rigors of love.

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    • Thank you for checking out my latest post – it was great running into you @ “Milano’s” yesterday. I ended up getting caught in that tropical downpour without an umbrella and not only had huge raindrops falling on me but also had falling cherry blossoms. It’s all good, it makes one feel alive!


  4. ugetse says:

    I love the musician,s photo . As you say…we can almost feel his thoughts and great concentration as both of you are sharing a view. A great communion indeed. I also love the way you describe Vancouver mountains and the Mexican scenes. I always delight reading your notes.

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  5. lajuani says:

    What a beautiful peace of writing.
    This has honestly just made me feel so relaxed. The photo of the musician reminds me of sunset evenings in Spain a listening to some suave character playing on his Spanish guitar. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory

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    • Thank you for this! Each time I post, my wish is that my words somehow touch someone or bring back a memory! I have a wonderful memory from childhood of a road trip that saw our family spend some time in Barcelona – I’ll never forget sitting outside in the warm night air at a local restaurant with the odd street dog prowling around the tables while we ate our dinner. It was magical and the castanets I bought from an exotic market still hang on my wall!

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